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Snow Days

Morning closure

Despite snow possibly being forecast during winter months, please be assured that a decision to close our school would only be made in exceptional circumstances and we never anticipate closure.

However, the school must consider the health and safety of all pupils and staff before making a decision and, as you know, our main consideration is the well-being of all members of our school community. The school must attempt to ensure that sufficient staff can travel into school safely and return home safely at the end of the day. The school is aware that closure and particularly closure during the day presents real difficulties for many families.  In the unlikely event of closure we will always try to give parents as much notice as possible.  The most reliable source of information is the school website.

A decision will be made in the morning by 7.00am on:

  • Whether to open
  • Time to open
  • Arrangements for drop off/pick up

This decision will be made by Headteacher, Mrs Davies.  This decision will be posted on the web-site by 7.15am.  All parents should be made aware that this is the only form of communication they will receive.

Closure during the day

If for safety reasons we have to decide on closure part way through a school day because of deteriorating conditions we will update the website and use the text/email system via In Touch to inform parents.

A decision on closure during the day will be made by the most senior person present:

  1. Mrs Davies
  2. Miss Curtis