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Founded in 1994, Harrison Catering Services is an independent family-owned company providing on-site preparation and cooking of top quality meals made with the freshest of ingredients. To ensure that menus achieve nutritional balance the company is advised by Dr Juliet Gray, a registered public health nutritionist and well-respected expert in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Juliet has also assisted in establishing total compliance with the Government's school food standards for primary schools.

If you opt for your child to have a hot meal at school, they will be offered the choice each morning of 2 meals. One will be a meat option and one will be a vegetarian option. They will be given a wristband reflecting their choice. Children with allergies and intolerances will have special wristbands denoting their meal status. For any children who do not like the 2 main options of the day, they will be able to choose to have a jacket potato.

All menus comply with the School Food Plan and School Food Standards

The standard Harrison catering menu offers a selection of daily puddings. Each day your child may choose between the daily pudding on offer or fruit/yoghurt. See the attached weekly menu choices.

Menu Week 1

Menu Week 2

Menu Week 3








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