ACTION PLAN 2016 - In response to the Ofsted inspection of 2015

1. To improve the effectiveness of Leadership and Management                                                                                             1.1 To appoint a pemanent SLT that will form a coherent force in order to secure long term improvement                                                                 
  1.2 All have clear roles and responsibilities to drive improvement in pupils' achievement
  1.3 Embed tracking procedures, ensuring that teachers use the data to plan differentiated lessons
  1.4 Use data to identifiy those pupils who need support
  1.5 To provide training and support for middle leaders
  1.6 To ensure all improvement plans have clear measurable tarrgets which evaluate the impact leaders have on raising attainment
  1.7 To monitor and report on the impact of leadership in the early years
2. Improve the quality of teaching so that it is consistently good 2.1 Regularly observe classroom practice, followed by clear advice on ways to improve the quality of teaching
  2.2 Ensure assistant teachers are used effectively and have an impact on pupils' learning and progress
  2.3 Plan lessons effectively with differentiated challenge and support for all pupils
  2.4 Ensure that planning provides regular opportunities for handwriting, spelling, and grammar
  2.5 All pupils are given the opportunity to write at length
  2.6 All pupils' to have clear guidance on how to improve their writing
  2.7 Ensure that the teachers in EYFS use day to day assessment to plan suitable activities that will challenge the pupils
3. To raise achievement throughout the school 3.1 To ensure that English is taught systematically and effectively
  3.2 Ensure that mathematics is taught systematically and effectively
  3.3 By using assessment information to plan learning and challenges for the more able pupils ensuring they work hard and make rapid progress
  3.4 To share the best practice that exists in the school to improve the teaching of literacy


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