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Ho Ho Ho! Our Christmas dinner was delicious today and well done to Steve, our Chef, for preparing such a wonderful dinner. The children had so much fun. Thank you to all the staff


The school has gained permission to publish photos of these children on Twitter


This week we had our final cross country run of the year and what a one to finish on! We stopped to appreciate the beautiful sunrise during our run around Rothamsted before appreciating the delicious Simmons treats which Hettie’s dad kindly gifted us all.


What a wonderful Christivity from our Key Stage 1 & EYFS children. You were all superstars!


On Saturday our very own Harpenden Academy elves wrapped almost 200 gifts, generously donated by HA families to make Xmas day full of joy & hope for children who are currently living in care. The children (and parents) worked tirelessly all morning to wrap and label the gifts


We are very proud of our team of 7 children who won the Primary School BritishGo Championship in Birmingham on Saturday. The children showed great sportsmanship and determination and retained their title! Well done!


This morning we had a beautiful frosty run around the Common to wake up our bodies and brains. Such an invigorating and peaceful start to the day!


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Really fun gig at last night with


On Monday, KS1 walked to the War Memorial to sketch the poppies and to lay the wreath from Harpenden Academy. Pupils discussed why the poppies had been placed at the War Memorial and why this year was especially important because it was 100 years since the end of WW1.


On Wednesday Herts County Council came to visit our Reception class to run a workshop for the children and parents of Ladybird class. We learnt to ‘Stop, Look, Listen and Think. ‘ We then set up a fake road in the classroom to practice crossing the road safely.


On Wednesday the Year 6 children enjoyed a wonderfully thought-provoking trip to the Foundling Museum in London to learn about the lives of poor children in Georgian and Victorian Britain.


Cross Country: A wonderful performance from our Year 5 and 6 six runners at yesterday’s tournament. All runners showed excellent commitment and resilience, not to mention superb sportsmanship.


Our school dog has a name! After a successful ‘wooferendum’ the votes were as follows: Rosie: 50 votes Red: 33 votes Rosie Red: 115 votes Welcome Rosie Red, there is a lot of excitement over your arrival at school.


We have raised £184.20 for by wearing spots to school today. Thank you to all the children who dressed up and brought in their £1 donation.


After attending the Girls Football Tournament, Watford Ladies have invited all pupils from the schools attending to watch them play on Sunday for free. The staff at the gates will have the school names, so you just have to say which school you are from.


10,000 poppy petals released in our playground at our Remembrance assembly on Friday. Thank you to all for attending a very moving and thought provoking morning.


Massive congratulations to the Harpenden Academy Boys Football team on our first ever win!! We are very proud of you all.


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Our talented chef at has been busy making this lovely wheat sheaf for the pupil's harvest assembly! 🍃


Our EYFS class have been inspired by our recent visit from an artist and the art around the school, so have created their own masterpieces “a diplodocus and a stegosaurus”


Yesterday Year 6 enjoyed making guacamole - a favourite Mexican dish- linking to our Frida Kahlo project. I was particularly impressed how many children initially claimed to not like avocado but tried the new dish and actually loved it! Well done for having open minds.


Year 4 enjoyed a very exciting trip to Pizza Express this morning as part of our International month. Yummy!🍕


This is the amazing speed artist , here he is doing a speed portrait live for KS2, who do you think it is


What an amazing speed painting of Albert Einstein! By


We’ve got the fantastic artist Jon Hicks at Harpenden Academy today, what on earth could he be painting here?


How did this little fella know that our Reception class topic is Dinosaurs! He popped into our EYFS playground to visit us. How exciting!


Harpenden Academy's School Council are running a book stall after school today to raise money for victims of the Indonesian Earthquake & Tsunami - Please Give Generously!


Year 4 Austen class developed their independent pedestrian road skills today by participating in a workshop run by HCC. They learnt how to cross safely at a zebra crossing, how to assess the risks on the road and how to identify a safe place to cross.


What an amazing effort this morning from everyone. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts - your effort to bake over 2000 cakes is overwhelming. Please bring your pennies at pick up - there are still some delicious cakes left. A successful coffee morning!


Coffee morning tmw to support those fighting cancer. Leftovers for sale after school. Let’s reach our target of 2000 cakes. Happy baking!


An amazing cross country session this week under beautiful autumnal blue skies. Forty of us ran our hearts out around the common!


Afloat We have just set off on our way home. We've had a fantastic time but are looking forward to being home!


We are now winding down and getting ready for bed. We'll see you all tomorrow and can't wait to tell you about our adventures.


Some photos from todays adventures at Fellowship Afloat.


Thank you to Kasia Truefitt, Artistic Director of for running some mindfulness dance workshops for KS2. We thoroughly enjoyed them.


Photos to follow!


Our last full day at Fellowship Afloat. We've been out in the powerboats this morning. After lunch the children went on the high ropes - Jacob's Ladder and the Leap of Faith. Everyone challenged themselves and excelled; back on Trinty we had an afternoon of team games.


Just a few photos! Will include others in tomorrows Tweet! Night!

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Physical Education

Purpose and Aims


A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities.  It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness.  Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.
Physical Education (PE) inspires to succeed and excel in competitive sport and physically-demanding activities. PE provides pupils the opportunities to be physically confident in their health and fitness. Fairness and respect are values embedded through sport and activities build character.


  • To develop practical skills to excel in broad range of physical activity.
  • To lead active healthy lives.
  • Engage in competitive sports and activities.


Our curriculum is categorised in 2 ways

  • Breadth - which gives pupils acquire new knowledge and skills
  • Depth - which helps pupils to develop an in-depth understanding of PE.

Whilst coverage is our goal for the "breadth" element, repetition and increasing the understanding is our goal for the "depth" element.

Our curriculum drivers shape our approach to teaching PE so that every opportunity is taken to relate PE to the needs of our pupils. PE is studied throughout each academic year and across each key stage so that pupils can gain a growing developmental understanding of the matters, skills and processes in our curriculum. Coherent contexts for learning engage ad involve pupil.

Progression and assessment

Our progression has 3 key objectives which mirror the 3 aims of the subject.  We set out our expectations around Chris Quigley Essentials "milestones" approach.  Each milestone has a set of indicators that are repeated throughout 3 cognitive domains: Basics (we call it paddling), Advancing (we call it snorkelling) and Deep (we call it diving).  It is expected that the vast majority of pupils will have an advancing understanding by the end of the milestone and some will have a deep understanding.

Assessment and reporting

We will assess the pupil's depth of understanding each term and use this to forecast as to whether pupils are on track to meet our curriculum expectations for the end of the milestone.

Another Goal for Harpenden Academy Boy's football team! December 2018

On a damp and muddy Wednesday afternoon, Year 5 and 6 travelled to Sauncey Wood for their next fixture in the local league. The boys took an early lead, but unfortunately Sauncey Wood came back with a quick goal. The 2nd half was much closer with both teams having great opportunities to score and both goalkeepers made some great saves to keep the game at 1 vs 1. It was tightly fought game in the mud. So well done boys, keep it up. The whole school is behind you. The rest of the season is looking positive for the boys and I hope this will be our most successful season yet. 

Img 04021 Img 04031 Img 04041

Cross Country, November 2018

This morning we had a beautiful frosty run around the Common to wake up our bodies and brains. Such an invigorating and peaceful start to the day!

Cc2 Cc1

Cross Country Tournament, November 2018

A wonderful performance from our Year 5 and Year 6 six runners at yesterday’s tournament. All runners showed excellent commitment and resilience, not to mention superb sportsmanship. A special mention to James in year six for coming fifth in his race out of over eighty runners- amazing!

Cc4 Cc3 Cc2 Cc1

Cross Country

The start of the Autumn Term 2018 was a record run with 40 children running around the common on a beautiful Autumnal morning. Thank you so much to the parents who volunteered to make this happen. Please sign up with the office if you are able to volunteer to ensure we can get out into the great outdoors each Tuesday morning.

PE cross country1 PE cross country2

On Friday, 15th June 2018, our Year 3 and 4 cross country teams took part in the Harpenden Schools Y 3/4 tournament at Markyate school. Then ran brilliantly - showing determination and excitement in equal measure. I was particularly impressed with their fantastic behaviour (thanking the organisers) and their excellent sportsmanship (cheering on and even helping children from other schools). A huge thank you too to Susan, Georgina, Jasmina and Charlene for escorting the children to and from the event - much appreciated.

Excellent performance team Harpenden Academy!

Pe cross country1 Pe cross country2 Pe cross country3


PE and Outdoor Learning

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 Img 0017 Img 0019

HAKA Dance

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