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Yesterday Year 6 enjoyed making guacamole - a favourite Mexican dish- linking to our Frida Kahlo project. I was particularly impressed how many children initially claimed to not like avocado but tried the new dish and actually loved it! Well done for having open minds.


Year 4 enjoyed a very exciting trip to Pizza Express this morning as part of our International month. Yummy!🍕


This is the amazing speed artist , here he is doing a speed portrait live for KS2, who do you think it is


What an amazing speed painting of Albert Einstein! By


We’ve got the fantastic artist Jon Hicks at Harpenden Academy today, what on earth could he be painting here?


How did this little fella know that our Reception class topic is Dinosaurs! He popped into our EYFS playground to visit us. How exciting!


Harpenden Academy's School Council are running a book stall after school today to raise money for victims of the Indonesian Earthquake & Tsunami - Please Give Generously!


Year 4 Austen class developed their independent pedestrian road skills today by participating in a workshop run by HCC. They learnt how to cross safely at a zebra crossing, how to assess the risks on the road and how to identify a safe place to cross.


What an amazing effort this morning from everyone. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts - your effort to bake over 2000 cakes is overwhelming. Please bring your pennies at pick up - there are still some delicious cakes left. A successful coffee morning!


Coffee morning tmw to support those fighting cancer. Leftovers for sale after school. Let’s reach our target of 2000 cakes. Happy baking!


An amazing cross country session this week under beautiful autumnal blue skies. Forty of us ran our hearts out around the common!


Afloat We have just set off on our way home. We've had a fantastic time but are looking forward to being home!


We are now winding down and getting ready for bed. We'll see you all tomorrow and can't wait to tell you about our adventures.


Some photos from todays adventures at Fellowship Afloat.


Thank you to Kasia Truefitt, Artistic Director of for running some mindfulness dance workshops for KS2. We thoroughly enjoyed them.


Photos to follow!


Our last full day at Fellowship Afloat. We've been out in the powerboats this morning. After lunch the children went on the high ropes - Jacob's Ladder and the Leap of Faith. Everyone challenged themselves and excelled; back on Trinty we had an afternoon of team games.


Just a few photos! Will include others in tomorrows Tweet! Night!


We have a really busy day today; the children have climbed to dizzying heights and been fantastic at archery! We are all now relaxing with a film before our hot chocolate!


Year 5 have enjoyed their hearty breakfast this morning! Cereal, eggy toast & bacon and a veggie option. High ropes and archery today. Photos to follow.


We certainly got our sea legs!


More photos of this afternoon on the waves!


It was too windy to go sailing this afternoon so we spent the afternoon steering the powerboats!


Year 5 Windy start to the day. After a hearty breakfast the children spent the morning on the climbing wall!


After a beautiful afternoon playing team building games, and a delicious dinner, we have been on an evening walk. The children are all now safely tucked up in bed! Night!


Our Year 5 at are munching and crunching on their lunch!


Just a quick note to let you know that the children have all arrived safely at Fellowship Afloat and are just about to have lunch! We will of course keep you updated with how they are getting on; photos to follow on Twitter!


Year 5 are off! Very excited children and staff off on their residential trip to Have fun!


Our children’s office is now open every lunchtime. Year 6 are keen and ready to help you.


KS1 are due back normal pick up time 3.20pm


We are very proud of our children who gowned up to receive their Certificates at Oakland's Children's University Graduation Ceremony - they look amazing. Find out more at or twitter page


'Grow a £1 challenge' - we have been blown away by the enterprising ideas of the children in growing their £1 to make more pounds. Selling old books, recycling rubbish, making & selling slime, cake sales, bouncy castles, growing and selling plants, to setting up a waffle shop...


Well done to Ettie who received a highly commended award for her beautiful picure at The Arts Society Harpenden Young Arts Competition. Harpenden Academy had many stunning entries - thank you to all those who participated.


Retweeted From Herts For Refugees

What a joy to join Year 6 at for a workshop ! They recently organised a charity fun run and chose to receive the funds ❤️ They were fully engaged showing great empathy with child refugees. There is hope for the future with these kids ♥️


It is going to be a very hot week! Please make sure children have a hat, water bottle and sun tan cream applied for school!


An 8 week trial launched at Harpenden Academy back in April. 28 pupils in Yr 5 put through their paces by local Volunteer Police Cadets Jamie Head, Jac Mansell and Sadie Sundt as part of the Mini Police initiative. See the youtube press release

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Purpose and Aims


English has a pre-eminent place in education and in society. A high-quality education in English will teach pupils to speak and write fluently so that they can communicate their ideas and emotions to others, and through their reading and listening, others can communicate with them. Through reading in particular, pupils have a chance to develop culturally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually. Literature, especially, plays a key role in such development. Reading also enables pupils both to acquire knowledge and to build on what they already know. All the skills of language are essential to participating fully as a member of society; pupils who do not learn to speak, read and write fluently and confidently are effectively disenfranchised.



• The ability to write fluently and with interesting detail on a number of topics throughout the curriculum.
• A vivid imagination which makes readers engage with and enjoy their writing.
• A highly developed vocabulary and an excellent knowledge of writing techniques to extend details or description.
• Well-organised and structured writing, which includes a variety of sentence structures.
• Excellent transcription skills that ensure their writing is well presented and punctuated, spelled correctly and neat.
• A love of writing and an appreciation of its educational, cultural and entertainment values.


• Excellent phonic knowledge and skills.

• Fluency and accuracy in reading across a wide range of contexts throughout the curriculum.

• Knowledge of an extensive and rich vocabulary.

• An excellent comprehension of texts.

• The motivation to read for both study and for pleasure.

• Extensive knowledge through having read a rich and varied range of texts.

Communication (speaking and listening):

• An exceptional talent for listening attentively so as to understand what is being said. 

• A rich and varied vocabulary that gives clarity and interest to conversations.

• Clear speech that can be easily understood by a range of audiences.

• An excellent grasp of the rules used in English conversation, such as tenses and the grammatical structure of sentences.

• A highly developed ability to tell stories that capture the interest and imagination of the audience.

• A delight in initiating and joining in conversations.

• Respect for others when communicating, even when views differ.


Our curriculum is categorised in 2 ways

  • Breadth - which gives pupils experiences of a range of communication, literature/genres, contexts for reading and writing
  • Depth - which helps pupils to think and act like readers, writers and communicators

Whilst coverage is our goal for the “breadth” element, repetition and increasing the understanding is our goal for the “depth” element.

Our curriculum drivers shape our approach to teaching English so that every opportunity is taken to relate reading, writing and communication to the needs of our pupils. Daily English is studied throughout each academic year and cross-curricular links are made to give context to the children.  Purposeful writing can be seen in all areas of the curriculum.

Progression and Assessment

We set out our expectations around Chris Quigley Essentials “milestones” with a T4W approach. Each milestone has a set of indicators that are repeated throughout 3 cognitive domains: Basic (We call it Paddling), Advancing (we call in snorkelling) and Deep (we call it diving). It is expected that the vast majority of pupils will have an advancing understanding by the end of the milestone and some will have a deep understanding.

Assessment and reporting

We use Herts for Learning to assess our children each half term formally.  HfL TAFs are used to support assessments in all year groups.  We assess the pupil’s depth of understanding each half term and use this to forecast as to whether pupils are on track to meet our curriculum expectations for the end of the milestone.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Improvement

The role of the leader in monitoring pupil’s outcomes is to audit teachers’ judgements via book looks as well as ensuring breadth and depth of curriculum through book looks, learning walks, learning talks (with pupils) and lesson observations. Strengths and areas for development are identified and actions shared with staff then reviewed to assess impact. Book looks are done collectively in staff/SLT meetings and then collated by the leader. The subject leader action plan and monitoring evidence is kept in the monitoring file and evidence is gathered and celebrated in the English portfolio.

Please click here for an overview of our English curriculum.


Grow your pound - 1 Book, 1 Bookmark, 1 Pound - June 2018

Grow your poundGoing Global Week – June 2018

This week has been an exciting opportunity to explore texts from around the world and learn about different cultures.  We have written about different continents, experiences and events using a wide range of genres.

Reception – Ladybirds


KS1 – Year 1/2 Aslan


KS2 – Year 6 Shakespeare


Parent Phonics Workshop – May 2018

An informative phonics workshop was held to provide parents with information about the Year 1 Phonics Screening.  This workshop included statutory information as well as ideas on how to support the children develop their phonics knowledge further.  Links to games and resources were provided and the opportunity for some hands on learning for the adult too!

Value of the month (April – Humour)

What better way to stimulate our writing than to use our school value.  Well done Year 3 on these hilarious limericks!


Harpenden Primary Schools Awards Ceremony – March 2018

We attended an awards event this week where two of our children Lottie and Ailsa received their awards from Harpenden Mayor on Tuesday 27th March for their winning entries into the Harpenden School Story writing competition. We were thrilled for the children and parents who are flying the flag for Harpenden Academy. It is a cause for celebration that 4 out of the 7 categories had a Harpenden Academy pupil in either 1st, 2nd or 3rd positions.


National Poetry Day – March 2018

On Wednesday we celebrated National Poetry Day with the arrival of Professor Pango Mango. The children has a great time with him celebrating poems and poetry in his unique style. The children and staff had a great time as their comments below indicate:

Pango mango

World Book Day 2018

World book day

Family Groups – Role Play

Role play

National Storytelling Week – February 2018

National Storytelling Week It has also been National Story telling week too. We have had a few parents/ grandparents who have come in to school this week to tell the children stories. Despite the children living in a technologically advanced era the simple act of telling a story always engages the children. The children hear all the nuances of meaning and expression in sentences when read to/told a story and they thoroughly enjoy it. Thank you to our volunteers who gave their time to our children.

Author Visit BFG

This Wednesday BFG invited the author and editor Jodie Parachinin to read them two of her books: The Perfect Job for an Elephant' and 'This is a serious book'. The children were absolutely enthralled and had so many questions to ask. The budding young authors amongst us have been so inspired that they have been writing their own books.



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