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Harpenden Academy for children aged 4-11



Celebrating children, learning and leading


Curious, Unique, Brave, Boundless, Responsible and Playful.

What are the school’s values?

  • Curious – actively seeking new knowledge and understanding/ given time and resources to be curious and explore/ HA as a learning community where all members see themselves as learners and are encouraged and supported to develop new skills
  • ​Unique – celebrating, respecting and nourishing the uniqueness of each individual in our community
  • ​Brave – willing to take risks and learn from mistakes/ courage to stand up for one’s beliefs and opinions
  • ​Boundless –reach for the stars attitude/ belief that anything is possible/ growth mindset/ not limiting our expectations of each other
  • ​Responsible- knowhow to take care of ourselves, others and our environment.
  • ​Playful – learning through play, drama, role play, outdoor learning/ having fun and enjoying/ having a happy, optimistic outlook/ positive mental attitudes

What are the principles underlying that mission?

Harpenden Academy:

  • will nourish mental, emotional, physical and cognitive wellbeing in order to grow the complete child.

  • values attention to detail.

  • ​sees inner motivation as the key to success.

  • ​will have an efficient, effective and clear business model.

  • ​is a learning organisation that highly values development and progression of all its parts.

  • ​will be innovative in the use of its resources.

  • ​will be integrated with the wider community and local business.

​Home is part of the child

During the time your child is part of the HA community, we believe it is very important that a culture of trust, positivity, consistency and cooperation is built up between school, home and child. This document sets out some of the ways in which we can all play our part to achieve this atmosphere.  It is not a contract but expresses a willingness by all concerned to work together for the benefit of all children in our school. 

Home/School agreement


We have one golden rule which is to take care: of and with yourself; of and with each other; and of and with your resources and environment. We very much focus on a positive behaviour policy with lots of positive reinforcement of caring behaviour and lots of celebration of success within school and with parents. This approach aims to be preventative rather than reactive but we have a clear policy for addressing uncaring behaviour and where reminders and warnings are not adhered to more steps are taken to help the child learn the correct choice to make and also to support any child who feels someone has been unkind to them. We believe that if the children are engaged in their learning and take ownership for it, they are far more likely to behave well, be intrinsically motivated and self-disciplined. We do not use the word bullying as young children are learning life skills and can make mistakes but with support and help they can amend their behaviour quickly.

Taking Care - active and respectful listening

Taking Care - walking around school




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